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        Whether you’re developing a whole resort or just interested in a private villa, we’re selling the means to create the ideal contemporary luxury destination of any size on almost any tropical location. Our largely prefab and modular building system is about cost efficiently creating a seemingly uncompromising guest experience. Or as we like to put it: “Designing a high perceived value (5 star trip-advisor) at the cost of building 3 star accommodations.”


        Next to the building system, we are developing a contemporary styling of interior products and outdoor expansions to fully customize the leisure landscape that defines the in and outdoor experience of our building system. Imagine various stylish furniture combinations, large dining tables, sublime lighting and expansions like a plungepool, gazebo, sun deck, bar/ pantry, veranda, etc. In short: all the products and detailing that enables us to deliver a Turn key solution.

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        Modular and easy to customize to any need, our standalone villa concept – the Tropical Suite – is a new approach to cost-efficient contemporary luxury lodgings. We believe every suite should be a honeymoon suite. That’s why our basic models of the tropical suite are loosely based on a luxury hotel suite. Consisting of an AC-cooled ‘hotel’ room (bed, lounge chair, beauty desk, bathroom) with one ‘open loft’, or more outdoor living areas around the room. The spatial design and styling of these in- and outdoor living areas make you feel like you’re staying at a friends luxurious guesthouse.


        But not just any guesthouse, since our building system is very flexible, it can adapt to any location, easily taking design cues for the layout from the surrounding environment; Thus always being an unique version of itself. We are continuously working on expanding our library of designed architectural elements; series of walls, windows and types of louvre panels that make it possible to create smooth transitions from public to private for any desired layout of your retreat and it’s surrounding plot.


Create a masterplan for your plot
        Do you own a vacant plot on a great location? Let us help you develop your property into a contemporary destination. Our all-terrain tropical suites fit almost any plot and can be combined to layout various sizes of accommodations for an entire resort.


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